What a great start to 2017! 

So much to report and we’re only seven days in!

  • A variety of tutoring and booster sessions started again this week, with over twenty children demonstrating 100% effort and commitment to their learning 
  • A silver medal was awarded in a Maths booster session for demonstrating hard work, effort and resilience 
  • Plenty of planning and preparation underway for the Growth Mindset Conference for adults on 14th January 2017
  • The third group of children started Growth Mindset Workshops on Wednesday, leaving with Reflective Journals to note their failures of the week
  • Excited to return to a local Academy next week to work with students on an individual and group basis
  • Application for funding for Mindset 365 Project submitted
  • Excited to receive news that my blog is a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017
  • Looking forward to welcoming new children starting at Go Fish Education next week

Exciting times all round! If any of the above interests you, please do get in touch!

Happy Friday one and all! 

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