Think Tank Solutions for Business

Is your business always one-step ahead? Is there a risk that success and progress is reaching a plateau point? Is there sometimes a sense that risks and opportunities are overlooked because of fear of failure?

I offer bespoke Growth Mindset development programmes which will challenge and change the mindsets that are preventing growth and success. These group sessions can either take place in-house or at a venue away from the buzz of the workplace to encourage self-reflection and purposeful action planning.

As part of the Business: Mindset and Leadership Workshop, the following concepts will be explored and challenged:

Enron and The Talent Mindset
Organisations that Grow
A Study of Mindset and Management Divisions
Leadership and the Fixed Mindset
Fixed-Mindset Leaders in Action
Growth-Mindset Leaders in Action
A Study of Group Processes
Groupthink versus We Think
The Praised Generation Hits the Workforce
Are Negotiators born or made?
Corporate Training: Are Managers Born or Made?
Are Leaders Born or made?
Changing Mindsets: The Nature of Change, Mindset Lectures and Maintaining Change
Through a simple needs analysis, I can provide a bespoke Mindset Workshop which will create and promote a culture of self-examination, open communication and team work based on the concepts of the renowned Dr Carol Dweck. Without a belief in human development, many corporate training programs become exercises of limited value. With a belief in development, such programs give meaning to the term “human resources” and become a means of tapping enormous potential. Let this be you.

Please call Kerry now on 07715 394920 to discuss the needs of your organistion or email


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